It’s not all about expression…

Wearing a piece of O.P Jewellery is more than a fashion statement. For us, and for you to be able to proudly show it off, we need to talk about production.

We love silver. We love the fact that the material itself is eternal. It’s precious but affordable. Hard enough to last a lifetime, but soft enough to show the cuts and scars of its history. It’s a pure element, and there’s only so much you can dig out of the earth. In fact, most of all silver in new production is recycled. So even if your piece of jewellery is brand new, the metal itself is forever. 

Our core range 925 silver jewellery is made in Bangkok, by Well Field Ltd. They have 30+ years experience of crafting jewellery out of precious metals and gems,and have received several awards for delivering quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Every single piece is made by hand, from sculpting the wax molds to silver casting, finishing polish and quality control. All done by a crew of skilled people who are treated well, and who take great pride in their craft.

This is why we are proud to have our silver jewellery stamped “BKK 925”.